I didn’t have a shred of my own. I was almost gone. The anxiety that has ravaged me for years also led me to depression, created a lot of psychological and professional problems for me. I had to change jobs a few times, went bankrupt and broke a few relationships down. Anyone with anxiety knows what I’m talking about, I don’t have to describe it further because only you know what it’s like.

While I was working on myself, I was able to create new, strong and stimulating ways of thinking and behaviour that brought me great pleasures in my life. I’m great today, that black chasm is behind me and I’m not afraid anymore, because I’ve learned how it works. Today I pass it on to other anxious people in order for them to get themselves out, because I firmly believe that anyone can achieve the goals they aspire to when they know what’s holding them back and move on.

I finished the course primarily because I thought I would gain the knowledge to get out of Anxiety, but a lot of books and education confused me even more, so I had to look at myself in the mirror, write diaries and understand what really happened to me. After finishing my training and many sleepless nights, I woke up.

That’s when I started sharing my knowledge via Youtube and eventually started doing individual sessions. I could use a lot of quality techniques that I learned to work with people. I would point out two: KBT approach and NLP, which have excellent techniques in overcoming Anxiety.

I’ve never bothered to be a coach or a psychologist but by circumstance it turns out I have a lot of knowledge in this area. My approach to working with clients is profound. My learning has been influenced by various books, theories, professional training and above all years of personal experience and research in this field.

I remember wanting so badly to find a psychologist or a coach who went through it, I needed a person who could understand me, who knew what I was talking about, but I never found it. Honestly, today I see how important this is and how fast it produces results.

Today I am the one I was looking for and I work with people who have problems in various areas of life: anxiety fears, phobias, panic attacks, love relationships, relationships in the family, communication problems, lack of confidence, agoraphobia, overcoming bad habits.