Test yourself, and what you will get is a relief and a state of peace. Maybe for the first time you will feel grounded and happy with yourself. You will be able to relax again and you will reduce the physical symptoms of tension. These are headaches, neck pain, pain in the stomach, under the right or left rib, pressure in the head, various fears, hypochondria, pain in the back, legs, dizziness, etc.

Who pressed us? Ourselves, because we don’t know how to relax. Take a paper and a pen, divide the paper into three columns. The goal is to get rid of all the things you keep in your head. When the thoughts come out and you take a good look at them, you will see what is unnecessary and discard it. You will realize that you don’t have to do much. Just because you think you have to do it all, you can’t do anything. You can’t get started because you expect a lot from yourself, you want a lot. Thoughts cause tension, and they cause sensations. Many times we think we know where we are going and what we are doing. You are self-critical, you try everything by force, then you give up. A fog forms in your head and you no longer see what is real and what is not. You are confused. I can freely say that this is the best of all techniques, which each of us should do at least once a month.

The first column is called “What am I doing?” You focus only on what you do during the day, where you go. Become aware of that program that guides you every day through the same process. Notice what that autopilot is doing. For example, you go to work, vacuum, walk, go to training, wipe the dust… Write down how many hours a day you use the phone, watch TV, read a book. Enter your thoughts related exclusively to the past – feelings of guilt, shame, discomfort and anything that disturbs you. Write down to the smallest detail, where your time is spent.

The second column is called,,,What do I expect?”, it is related exclusively to the future. Thoughts on a daily basis related to the future – money, plans, travel. All your wishes, fantasies and what makes you wander into the future.

The third column is,,,What is really necessary for me?”. These are, for example, rent for an apartment, food, training, walking, water… You know where your time is going in the present, what you dream about in the future and what you need. Once you’ve written all of this, go back to the first column. Read what you’re doing anyway. Sort all these things, for example, work, walking… Make a priority order. You can’t cross out a job, but you can cross out dust cleaning. At least three or four items do not need to be done every day. Reduce the thoughts in your head and they will no longer exist in your routine of the day.

In the second column, also prioritize and sort them out. For example, you need to paint the apartment and you have thoughts that torment and pressure you. Decide not to whitewash this year and cross out the item. Thus, you discard everything that bothers you and there is less tension. And in the third column, cross out everything that makes you tense. A man falls because there are too many things that his subconscious mind tells him to do. If you need to eat healthy, but it makes you anxious, cross out lunch. It doesn’t have to be healthy. You automatically get a relief and continue with only healthy breakfast and dinner.

When you impose on yourself that you have to do something, you will fail and then you will not be able to do anything, everyone will hate you. That’s how you go from black to white and fall. Prioritize again. You will feel that you are much more stable and relaxed. You will feel much better. Looking at those columns, you will get an idea of ​​what to do, what to think about and what you need. You create an image of a grounded life and much less burdened. Experience the subconsciousness like a small child who won’t listen. If we hit it, it screams and crashes. We can be gentle and patient and work gradually with that young child.

Don’t blame yourself if you fail. There is no pressure to eat healthy, drink two litters of water, exercise, etc. You don’t have to do anything. The next day, you will already see that the tension is reduced, as well as the anxiety. Physical symptoms therefore disappear. With the help of this test, you will slowly get back on your feet. Whenever you feel tension, know that these three columns are working. A person can relax only when the subconscious program considers that he has finished everything for the day. This is the way to become conscious and then you will feel like a king. If we have a thought about the seaside and money, there are many combinations in our head. We are thinking about whether we can go to the seaside and what sea, for how much money, etc.

When you have a ton of things running around in your head like this and you don’t even know you have them, you can find it out this way. Cross out everything you don’t need and make it as easy as possible for yourself. You don’t have to do many things; you don’t have to talk about many things


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