I will remind you of things you should not do, ie. the things you forget in a moment of high anxiety. These are the things you do over and over again and you know you shouldn’t. Try to reconsider whether you are doing everything that you shouldn’t every time. I’ll just mention that I left the cigarettes. The way of quitting cigarettes and quitting anxiety is about the same, like I was addicted to anxiety. When I quit smoking, I saw that I went through the same stages in my head as when I quit anxiety.

What you should not do is to run away from your fear because, no matter how you do it, it will only be reinforced if you run away from it. Simply surrender to it and let that emotion of fear flow through you. Let it flow through your body, don’t resist it, let it go. All those sensations you have in your body, accept them. Accept all those feelings during anxiety. Don’t fight them because you know yourself that you won’t see that battle. You can’t get that. Simply say: “I accept it, kill me, break me, give me more, hit, bang, do whatever you want”.

Another thing, don’t feel sorry for yourself. Self-pity pushes you deeper and deeper. You remain in such a low vibration that it becomes harder and harder to pull yourself out. No self-pity and always pay attention whether you’re doing it. If you already do it, try to find out why – to attract attention, to escape from some duty or to send someone a message. You know yourself when someone is just whining, you would rather push them away from you. Take the responsibility in your hands, take your life in your hands and go for it, go! No messing around with this one. No one will help you but yourself.

Third thing, never question what you did, what if it had been this way or that way, maybe it shouldn’t have been, maybe it should have been this way or that way… There is no “what if?”. Instead, add the word “so” in front, let it be “so what if”. Say so and don’t waste time thinking about it, but immediately start doing something. Those are lies, lying thoughts and they are not you.

Fourth thing, Never do things that you regret not doing in the past. You move on and there are no regrets. Find a job. There is no lying in bed if you are sick, if you are wondering about the meaning of life, your existence, etc. I did it. “What is the meaning of my life, what is the point of my life, I don’t see it. What kind of a person am I? What was I like? I was great”. So I compare myself: “Look at how I am now”. Those are all thoughts. I’m destroying myself, like I’m a masochist. I’m not a masochist, I love myself. You also love yourself, and precisely because you love life, that’s exactly why you’re anxious. Relax, not everything is so black and white. So, there is no questioning the meaning of life and what is happening to you. Look to stand up for something.

The fifth thing is that you always know that anxiety will be overcome by the one who believes in it, and the one who says: “I won’t be able to do it, I don’t know, I’m not sure”, he will never be able to. He will only be able to when his way of thinking changes, when he is sick of the current situation and when he says, “I can’t do it like this anymore, I have to do it differently, I have to believe that I can”. Then he will start working on himself, gradually gain self-confidence, gradually gain faith. All the strength of a man lies in self-confidence. I don’t like today’s psychology, modern books, because they all separate the ego and talk about destroying the ego. You can’t kill your ego. What are you people writing about? We can recognize when the ego is working and when it is not working and control ourselves as much as possible. I am not a Buddha. I will never reach that. I have thought many times that maybe that’s why there is so much anxiety and depression in the world because of that popular psychology that somehow teaches us to restrain the ego. But aside from that now, realize that the one who actually wins is the one who believes he will win. For now, accept everything, accept that you have anxiety, accept your fears. If you need to see a doctor, go. If you can’t cope on your own, seek professional help, it’s not a shame or a bad thing. Going to a professional is basically a good bet.

Sixth thing don’t think and look at how you are progressing and whether you are progressing day by day. I was able to read, I observed everything, and I was only under even more stress, more and more stress is piling up, I was getting worse. After two weeks I could not take it anymore. I constantly assessed whether I was making progress, whether I was getting better. Your purpose in life should be a change. Work on yourself all your life, don’t check how long you haven’t been anxious, don’t count the days and years because that’s how you’ll come back to the old state.

Seventh thing, if there are places you are afraid of, e.g., to go out on the street or afraid of bridges, buses, bugs, if you are afraid of going crazy or all those anxiety fears, and many more – the truth is that you should not be afraid of having an attack somewhere. Do not bypass those places, but go, gradually. Your medicine is in that place. You will fail a hundred times, it’s okay, fail but get better again. You will push your limits every time. You will fail, but you will fail less than the last time. It is a way to overcome anxiety. It’s normal to be indecisive, all anxious people are. As soon as your confidence is restored, you will again know what you are and what you want and what you are not and what you do not want. You don’t know any of this, just like I didn’t know anything either. So, face it, accept it and let go. Let time do its thing.


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