I will present five important things that you cannot be stable without and that you must do in order to be well. No depression or anxiety can creep into them. They are a recipe for organizing your day and life.

A diary in which you will write what you do when, where you go, the duties you have every day (wash the dishes, vacuum the house…). With the help of this organization, you will get an impression of where you got stuck, where you have too much free time, and where you can have time for yourself. You will find out where you can add something beautiful and where you can remove the ugly. Personally, I cannot live without a schedule, not knowing what I will do and how I will do it tomorrow. This will restore your self-belief and the feeling that you are doing something useful. When I see that I have filled up my schedule, I start to feel bad and tell myself that I need to slow down. Then I stop and there is no further until it is fulfilled and then I slowly move on. The point is not to overdo it, as I tend to do. Paperbacks cost around 300 dinars in bookstores.

A hobby is very important because it eliminates all kinds of negative thoughts. We shift our attention from them to what fulfills us. Do not use it for business purposes, because it is for leisure. It can be what you used to do a long time ago, but you no longer do, it can be some activity (dance, sport). My advice is to get involved in group activities – pilates, yoga… This can also include working on yourself. The hobby serves to stop you from approaching the breaking point when you no longer know where you are going and what you are going to do. It brings you back into balance so that your nerves don’t flare up under the influence of stress. Without a hobby, I would feel very bad.

Physical activity helps us to produce hormones that are good for our body and reduces the secretion of bad hormones that ignite our nerves and make them hot. You can classify it as a hobby, but I wouldn’t recommend it, because it should be your duty. It moves you, you are the ruler of your body, you improve your health, and you change the appearance of your body. Tell yourself that you want to work on yourself, you want to see changes. Cardio program or muscle mass, the choice is yours. Whatever you choose, it’s important to get you out of a bad rut. I wouldn’t be able to train without a schedule, it is important to organize your day when you will do what. Do not overload training, three times a week is enough. I used to go every day, but now I don’t do that anymore. There is nothing better than when you get tired, take a hot shower, and then smell good. Training is exactly what will tear you out. If you have a good organization, you won’t have an empty head.

Spirituality is work on yourself. As we train the body, so we must train and strengthen our spirit. You have various exercises on my YouTube channel, check out other channels as well. It is important to start working on yourself. And when you’re physically active, it’s a form of spirituality that boosts your confidence. Specifically, spirituality for someone is religion and prayer, for someone meditation, and for someone something else. It is important to find your own way of working on yourself. Whether you do affirmations, meditation, tapping or something else, it’s up to you. It is important that you do something where there is no room for anxiety and bad thoughts. In all this the problem is to decide. It’s just a click in the head. Spirituality is not trained like the body, it is maintained daily. Bad moments when we are taken over by emotions are a sign that we have not worked on ourselves enough. If you have put effort into yourself, you will not allow yourself to react through emotion. You may start, but you will stop with emotion. By working on yourself, you will raise your self-image and you will easily decide to be well.

Work raises our existence and does not allow us to fall. I have always worked for myself, but many times I have felt bad because there is no urgency to do something. I don’t have to finish it right away, I can do it later, in the evening. When you’re over your head, you can be a little lazy and it takes effort to force yourself to work. People who work for someone else have to go to work and that’s okay. It is important to see existence and to be thankful that you have a job, that you can pay rent and bills, that you can eat and drink. It makes you valuable in your own eyes, unless you have patterns. If you have them, check out my channel for a playlist of patterns.

In compiling these priorities, I went in the order that I think is important to me. If I don’t have a schedule to organize my day, I won’t function well. It is in the first place for me, after it is a hobby without which you will work even when you should not work. In third place is training, which helps me feel better and less stressed. Thanks to organization, hobbies and training, you will manage to be cool at work. It won’t work for you just to work. Along with all this, you also want to work on yourself. Without these things you are lazy


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