According to a new theory, our brain is consciousness and action, and our subconsciousness is our entire body. How is it possible that our stomach hurts or our leg tingles due to strong emotions, if the subconsciousness is in the brain? What kind of impulse is sent to make the hand numb? What impulse is sent to create a stomach ulcer? The theory that the subconsciousness is our whole body makes more sense. If we sometimes feel an emotion in the stomach, chest or legs, it means that the emotion is there. From this, it can be concluded that we should not fight in the old way, thinking that something is up to the head. We need to deal with the attacked part of the body at the moment when we need to accept the unwanted emotion.

I tried this when I was in Iraq and it was a revelation for me. It happened to me, while staying there, that I felt fear, but I did not accept it in the same way as before. I didn’t accept it mentally in the sense of “hit me harder”. I didn’t let it be inside me without me just watching. This new technique is quite related to the old one, but the main change is the realization that we no longer need to worry mentally about what we feel. Instead, we should deal with that part of the body where the emotion is shooting us. In Iraq, I went to a place that is in the red zone where one must not go, and on that occasion, I felt real fear. I was walking down the street and noticed that my stomach was very tense, so much so that my stomach was cold in the 45 degrees outside. So there was no circulation flow in my stomach. I relaxed my stomach, and after five minutes it contracted again. My shoulders were tight and my arms were clenched. That’s when I realized that I needed to deal with the convulsed body, because the body’s memory cells sent information to the brain that it was in danger. Consciousness is in the brain, but memory is in our body. It remembers some events and cringes when something from memory is repeated. By deliberately relaxing my stomach, shoulders and arms, I was sending information to my brain that everything was fine. The spasm repeats, and I sent the same information again. I don’t mentally deal with the feeling of fear, that is, a bad emotion, but I deal with the body. My sensations are not in my head, but in my body. I am the head and the feeling is the body.

If, for example, you were to start training now and in three years become very well-built, beautifully sculpted muscles, how do you think such a person could be mentally ill? It cannot, because the mind follows the body. The body is the subconsciousness, that is, the memory that we gathered during our lifetime, and it sends information to the brain about how we are. Why are you never physically relaxed, yet anxious? If anxiety constricts our body, what will happen if we relax our body? We send a signal to the brain that there is no danger, without overthinking and explaining to ourselves.

This theory is not explained in relation to anxiety, I linked it myself. I tried this method, and it helps me accept unwanted emotions than the mental struggle during which we forget to look at our body and drama.

In this regard, in her story “Diseases”, Louise Hay writes that every disease has a specific cause. For example, if you become stiff and cannot walk, it is actually a fear of life. The legs will not move forward. We want it in the brain, but the body is not following. This proves again that our body is our subconsciousness. It is blocked with some fear.

Learning about this technique will come in handy when you are tense, stressed, or afraid.


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