When you deal with anxiety, you don’t need to strengthen your mind because it is strong enough. Anxiety is the result of a mind that has fallen and wallowed in the mud. That mind was not aware, it was a little broken. After anxiety, it completely returns to normal and then you don’t have irrational fears. You have corrected the mistakes in the patterns of behaviours that you have acquired and from which you have made beliefs. So when anxiety is gone, there is no more fear of anxiety.

Don’t notice when that moment happened. The first thing you notice is that you’re doing everything you couldn’t do. Anxiety is no longer scary for you and you can’t remember that chaos that didn’t really exist. There was only panic and catastrophizing. We no longer remember so clearly, we only know that it was terrible, but we cannot relive that emotion. When the anxiety goes away, with it goes the panic of what will happen in the future and whether it will be terrible. Likewise, when anxiety passes, it does not mean that you will not feel fear and tension. The difference is that there will be no panic about it, that’s the bottom line. Let’s make an elephant out of a fly and be afraid of it. All that panic is inexperience, ignorance and unawareness. When we learn to accept fear, anxiety takes on the form of experience. Experience is knowing and learning something.

What surely awaits you after anxiety is courage. You are fulfilled and you no longer worry about nonsense. You turn to an active life, family, friends, hobbies, interests, education, love… You realize that this is life, and everything we did before was an escape from life.

After anxiety, you don’t have to worry about it coming back. You can’t be afraid of it anymore because you know how you got out of it. Each person has a unique way and no one is the same. We all have similar symptoms, but each of us has our own cure. Common to all medicines is persistence and the answer to the sentence that you can’t do it – you can!

My way was to create my own little rituals to hold me when I felt I couldn’t do it anymore. I organized myself an organization of: eating right, waking up on time, doing duties and responsibilities that I was running away from, physical activity and many more things that I needed to do each day that I used to avoid. There were moments when I cried because I couldn’t, but I continued. I hit the wall, fell, gave up, but not as anxious that I won’t get up for the next three months, but starting again tomorrow. That limit was broken, I broke through that maturity in my actions and way of thinking until I told myself that I could do anything. I can accept and see fear, not to panic, not to catastrophize, regardless of what washes over me. As I continued that way, from the agony, it broke and I only saw myself outside. Look, I’m not anxious anymore! I realized that there is no more mom who will be helping me out.

You are responsible for your own life and that is the beauty of life. When you feel that you are responsible, your self-confidence grows because you start to be consistent with yourself. It is the end of anxiety, we are not afraid of fear anymore. Once you are done with anxiety, you will know that you will never be afraid of any feeling again. No more pampering. You will know that the story is over.


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