What is lie? Something that is not true? And what is true? When you lie, you feel bad and uncomfortable, but you think that you need just a little bit of time to act in a right way. On the other hand, you believe in a lie, because in certain situations, even though there are so many contradictions, you want to believe in what you want. You believe, because miracles happen.

When does lying appear to be frequent the most?

When you feel the need to impress others, you do not want to disappoint anyone, when you are hurt, when you want to manipulate, draw attention, show your superiority, run away from responsibility, you want to protect someone, you want to achieve something or avoid a situation. Bear in mind that where there is the first lie, there is the second lie which leads to living a false life full of lies, deception, tricks and dishonesty.

How does your body react and give you away?

The body reacts to lying because it is uncomfortable and causes itching over your face and neck. The symptoms are the following:

1 – Coughing and throat clearing

2  – Uneven breathing rhythm

3  – Crossed feet or feet tapping in a nervous manner

4 – Reduced gesticulation, the hands are in pockets or they are touching head, nose, chin, ears

5  – Narrow pupils

The act of lying is a conscious activity and people lie in order to get something. However, sooner or later, the truth is revealed. The truth is the truth and no matter how it looks like, it should be accepted as it is.

The abovementioned symptoms are there to defend you from a lie. But the most important moment is actually self-deception? How to protect you from yourself?

Be honest towards yourself, so that you could be honest with others. If you want to learn and grow, you should stop lying, primarily, stop lying to yourself. A lie is the one that slows down and blurs your mind, even though it is so understandable and human.


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