Get a little serious because you are creating tension for yourself because you are constantly focusing on symptoms. We made an elephant out of a fly, we are catastrophizing. Don’t catastrophize because it leads you to even greater anxiety, to Googling, to reassurance, to the need to trust others. Trust yourself! You don’t need someone else to tell you that you are fine, tell it to yourself. There’s no messing around with those things, don’t make a fool of yourself, don’t make yourself a poor, anxious and scared person. Deal with it and tell it, “Hit me, feel free!” Fuck the symptoms, fuck the sensations, fuck what you want. Let me have all the diseases if I have to. What can I change?”. There is no escape from striking, that’s the only way you’ll forget about the symptoms. If you give them attention, they will grow. To this day, I still have a symptom left from anxiety, when I’m under a little more stress, the muscles in my arm or leg start to play. It can be so uncomfortable that you are not aware. If I were to type that into Google (they are called fasciculations), God forbid what would come up. I’m not going to think, let’s play. I’m playing, it’s playing too, it hurts! That’s how it’s defeated, just tell it: “Hit me!” I’m stronger with every hit you make”. That’s how you overcome it, not like, “Oh, let’s see, oh the symptom, oh the doctor, oh this, oh that, how can I believe that it’s not an illness, oh maybe it’s an illness”. How much longer, people? You can do that all your life. That’s enough, damn it! I believe in myself, I’m fine, I’m as healthy as dogwood. Hit yourself on your chest to make the heart skip.

There is no fear of symptoms and body sensations. Go ahead, work on yourself, affirm, be thankful. You need three months of hard work, and it will all be behind you. Let the physical symptom rock you. You can’t change if something is dangerous. There is this joke – a man went to the mountains to become enlightened, he falls and hangs on a branch and calls for help. There’s no answer. He calls out to God to help him and God responds. He tells him to let go. The man answered in a panic that he could not let go, his hand was giving way, he was holding on with three fingers, he had no strength. God tells him again to let go, but he doesn’t want to. After a few moments of silence, the man starts wailing again, God speaks again. The man asks who it is, he answers that it is God, and the man asks, “Is there anyone else?”

My dears, that’s exactly the point, if something is terrible, some illness, goodbye hello, say goodbye to life. That’s why there’s no messing around with the symptoms, don’t stress yourself, don’t make a fool of yourself. You don’t care what you feel. Accept the symptoms, beat yourself up in the heart in order to get afraid, because when you beat yourself up, you don’t care if something happens to your heart. I overcame all of this, you have it on my channel, see the instructions on how to overcome it. The fight is simply unnecessary. Accept that your stomach and head and heart hurt, accept everything. If you have all the cancer in the world, accept everything and fuck it, you can’t change anything. Acceptance relieves the stress that extinguishes the symptoms.


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