Getting out of bed is one of the important parts of the day and it should look organized down to the last detail. Starting with the smallest thing, if you don’t make your bed in the morning, your day will not be the same. Make the day in the morning to be the way you want it to be. Your steps towards change are already visible when you see yourself getting ready for bed the night before.

Have your evening ritual that leads you to sleep, create the atmosphere you want and create what pleases you. It is the first step towards a better tomorrow and towards active change in general. So take small steps in your day and make yourself as a priority of your day, week, month, life. You are the priority of the evening, adapt everything to yourself and you will be able to function better the next day. You’ll be glad you got up and you’ll be grateful for waking up, especially if you want to sleep well in the evening.

Organize your morning to see progress. You will know what you will be doing that day. You know that you are becoming a different, better person, you know that you are more productive than before.

Try to defeat yourself every day. It just requires awareness of a certain situation. It is quite enough to just notice how things work that day. Decide to defeat yourself in one thing today, for example, organize a day according to the plan from your list, or drink three litters of water more than you would normally drink, or meditate, or read a few pages of a book… Every day you make small but conscious victory. When it’s hard for you to get out, stand up and say “I’m going!” At the end of every victory, praise yourself and you’ll see that you’re not alone, you’re with you.

What happened to me on the path of change is that at any moment I can know that Roberto is with me. That feeling makes me very satisfied. I revived the little me in me, or the grown up me takes care of the child in me. You can also listen to the meditation on the channel – ,,Meditation to meet yourself. It will help you release some tension, it’s a very nice feeling to see it off.

When you feel that you are more complete, you become better and better, and that boosts your confidence. You will hope for more, you will expect daily surprises, you will remind yourself that you are satisfied. These are the moments when happiness flows over you, you feel more and more positive thoughts and your entire mental set rises to a higher level. From that certainty, new beliefs are created and you begin to live according to them. Even when something negative happens in the day, you give thanks for being shown where you need to mature. In every negative situation you will see the positive side. You will turn more openly towards people and the environment. You will enjoy company and you will do things for others with pleasure. Your whole life will change, and you will feel free. There is no more pressure in you, you are flexible and float through life.

Create your future today, it won’t create itself. It is created and attracted by feeling it in the present. When we are in the emotional state we want for a long time, we create a belief that guides us without the need to make an effort. Thus, you lift yourself into the sky and bring yourself down. There is no stronger feeling than when you notice that you have made progress. Push yourself to be good, push your limits.

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