You need to start cleaning your home and you do not feel like it, but you have to. You let the music play, and you are starting to move to the rythm of the music and suddenly you feel like cleaning and that you are in a better mood. Each cloth movement, one bit. Now you are already dancing and you feel great.

People dance throughout the history. Dancing has always been part of rituals, celebrations and fun. Various culture dance in their social events in order to establish a better physical, mental and emotional balance.

How does dancing contribute to our mental and physical health?

1 – Reduced stress  – while dancing, the hormones dopamine (happiness hormone) and adrenaline (energy) get increased.

2 – Dancing is antidepressant  – improves the mood since the hormone endorphin gets increased which affects the level of pleasure.

3 – Exercises your brain  – through dancing, you learn a variety of movement combinations that you should learn by heart, which makes your brain work. In that way, dementia can be prevented.

4  – Stimulates creativity – you can express yourself through moves and improvisation. It does not matter if your moves make sense to someone else, the only thing that matters is that they make sense to you and that you enjoy them.

5 – Socializing – encourages socializing and developes a sense of belonging

6 – Contributes to higher self-confidence – learning new steps represents joy and proof that you can overcome the situation

7 – Improves body posture – it encourages you to pay attention to your body posture. In dancing, the back must be straight always, not hunched, which brings awareness on how you walk and sit down.  

8 – Improves heart and muscle work  – muscular effort and breathing speed while dancing is equal to the muscular effort and breathing speed while riding a bike or swimming 800m.

9 – Improves strength and physical fitness – dancing regularly has a positive effect on physical fitness, strength and energy.

As you can see, there is a variety of positive impact on your mental and physical health. So, let the music play and start moving. It does not cost a thing and the impact is huge.


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