The point is to get up every time. How many times have you fallen without getting up and saying to yourself, “I won’t do it anymore”? How many times have you fallen and said, “I can’t do it anymore”? Why did you go if you weren’t going to? Why did you go if you changed your mind? Because it is based on fear. When you throw a lot of things away from what you wanted and return to the line of least resistance, that’s when you start disappearing.

Every time you want something and you fail, that is, you do not give up, you start looking for a new way and you just hit your head against the wall, which is normal. If you don’t bang your head against a wall, you won’t break through that wall. If you hit it ten or twenty times, the wall will flake off, if nothing else. That’s quite a change. You keep hitting and now it’s easier because that first layer of concrete is gone. You come across old bricks that may be harder, but you’re already halfway there. If you keep going, at one point you’ll knock out a brick, and then you’ll fall down again and wonder what your forehead is like, in knots. Your head hurts, you can’t take it anymore, but it’s the last drop. Rest a little, then stand up and bang your head against the wall again. You’ll knock out another brick, then a third, and you’ll make a path to get out of what you don’t like. You wouldn’t even have started it if you hadn’t wanted to try.

There are downfalls in everything and every one of them is good. Maybe we’ll see how we shouldn’t go on. Maybe we shouldn’t hit our head straight, but with one side of our head, then the other. 90% of people give up after a crash and change the policy in their head. Suddenly he is no longer interested in it, he creates the belief that he does not want to and cannot do it, he is not strong enough, etc. Those are excuses. Desire is what keeps you going. Desire does not know what is impossible. It makes you scratch and keep trying.

I had periods when I fell and stayed down for a very long time, I felt that I was nobody and nothing, convinced that I couldn’t do it. I felt that I was incapable of changing the situation. I have fallen many times. At first, I had a hard time getting up and could hardly move on. Over time, I learned to force myself to get up, and then getting up became automatic. Today, when I fall, I get up within a day or two at most. Then I let go of everything, I know I’ve failed, but I won’t let it hold me for a month, half a year or a year. I will get up; I will see why I fell and continue the same pace. One of the most important lessons that I realized and learned well is the following: When I encounter a difficult period, I put my hands my hands together and ask God to strengthen the problems and challenges I encountered. This is a very good thing to want more bad and unpleasant situations because deep down my desire to outgrow the situation strengthens instead of running and hiding like I did before.

Let’s say you started to learn a computer program. You’ll be proud of what you have done on the first day, but if you keep working in that program, a year later, you’ll be laughing at that first product. After five years you will become an expert. Therefore, if we keep banging our heads and it doesn’t go our way, at some point we will start creating a masterpiece. We will soon notice that we have started to believe in what we are doing. If you allow yourself to fail and get up, you will understand life. If you limit yourself to not doing what you failed at, you are depriving yourself of life.

A person appreciates himself when he puts effort into what he does. If you draw Uncle Glisa in ten seconds and a landscape that takes you twenty days, which drawing will you prefer? You will reject Uncle Gliša because you didn’t put in so much effort. It’s the same with you, if you stand up again, and again, and again, you gain self-respect, self-love, and self-appreciation. You struggle a little, you keep going and with that effort you start to believe in yourself. You create permanent self-confidence.

Jump onto your feet this moment and start again if you fail. You’ll break through that wall in no time! Hit your head hard and bang, it’s going to hurt your head! Fall again, then hit the other side, that is, find a new way and a new point of view to get out of the feeling of failure.


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