The word GOSSIP is of German origin and means bad mouthing, blabbering.

There are famous phrases GOSSIPING and GOSSIP PARTY.

Have you ever been invited to gossiping? Or you got invited for a coffee but the conversation led you to gossiping and talking about others?

If that happened, how did you feel and how long did that feeling last?

At first glimpse, a person that gossips is someone who attracts with his/her knowledge about other people’s lives. She/He is very talkative, informed and a leader among a friend group. When we hear some bad news about others, there is this feeling: Ooh, poor him/her and I am so lucky it did not happen to me, but on the other hand hearing bad news feels good. Why? Because we are comparing ourselves with others and think we are better than others. We are running away from ourselves..  That feeling is a short-term feeling. People’s lives cannot be compared. Each life is a story for itself and each life has a background story.

Researches have been done about how happy are the people who gossip. During 4-hour research of a group of 79 young people, the University in Saint Louise came to a conclusion that those who talk about life values and personal values are happier that those who gossip. The research also showed that people who gossip later on felt unhappy and depressive.

There are studies that have also proved that actually gossiping makes people happy because in that way people feel connected to others. But is this a correct way to connect with someone? Getting close to someone by badmouthing another person?

Bear in mind that when people gossip or badmouth others, they actually show what kind of person they really are. The way you talk about others talks a lot about you and represents your perception of the world.

What are the bad sides of gossiping?

Waste of time – there are so many topics that can be discussed where you find out about so many things and learn a lot. What Mica did but and should not have, does not mean a thing. It is always easy to be smart judging someone else’s actions, but if same situation strikes, the question is what kind of reaction would appear in relation to Mica’s. Mica’s life at this point is unnecessary knowledge.

Instead of talking about Pera, Mika, Zika, change the subject to something more productive and nicer.

Negative energy – gossiping that usually has a negative connotation because let’s be real, there are not so many occasions where people talk about nice things, but people in general rather talk about bad things which drains the energy. Everything becomes toxic. The thought of others being worse than we are is not good for our mental health, because we get stuck in bad behaviours and there is no room for improvement.

Why would you waste your time on negative emotions and energy? Direct it towards something positive and nice. They say, energy is like a boomerang, so you will be happier.

Nickname GOSSIPER – no one likes to be called like this. Gossipers are the people who no one wants to hang around with even though such people are maybe interesting at the beginning.

No one would like to have this nickname and to be a core gossiper.

Take over the control of your life. Direct it to something more productive and nicer because you will definitely feel better and that feeling will last. In that way, you take care of your mental health too.


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