Have you heard of Feng Shui?

Feng shui is an ancient art and science developed in China more than 3000 years ago.

Litteral meanings of the words are: FENG – wind and SHUI – water. In Chinese culture, wind and water are connected to good health. Feng shui represents an interaction between people and their environment.  

Feng Shui phylosophy is a practice of rearranging parts in a living space in order to create balance with the nature.

Space where a person lives and spends a lot of time should be a place where the the person relaxes and enjoys. Experts think that you should often rearrange, move, clear, paint your space and in that way you are changing the energetic flow. This philosophy claims that each part of our living space represents a part of our body. The roof represents hair, walls skin, windows eyes, hallway veins while the walls absorb everything that is going on within the space and affect the life of the people living within that space.

The researches have showed that this type of balance in a living space can positively affect on your mood, anxiety and stress reduction and mental health in general.

What does Feng Shui suggest be done in order to establish the balance in your home?

  1. Bring the plants in
  2. Clear and clutter your space
  3. Let your space be passable so that air could flow through it without any obstacles
  4. Pay attention to pieces of furniture in relation to the door.

For example: while you are lying in your bed or sitting at your desk, it would be good if you could see the door and not to be in the direct line with it. The best place would be diagonally from the door with the wall behind you. This represents your ability to manage opportunities and threats that appear in your life efficiently.  

5. Pay attention to the colors

Futheron, you may read what each color represents according to Feng Shui:

Brown and green – growth and vitality

Blue – abundance

Grey and white – clarity and precision

Light yellow, beige or skin color or sand – stability and nutrition

Red, orange, purple, pink and intensive yellow – high energy

6. Decorate your home with some figures that are considered to bring happiness, such as a figure of elephant, turtle and so on.

Go ahead and try to make an impact on your mental health in this way. Rearrange your home today using the abovementioned tips and start noticing the changes.


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