Consciousness is a state that we can see, hear, feel, smell or touch. This is the situation around us. We are constantly surrounded by things that we experience in our own way. My consciousness and yours are not the same, but they function according to the same principles. Someone sees color in one way and someone else in another way. Everything that we experience on a visual, auditory, sensory vibration is consciousness. In the moments when we are thoughtful, we are in a state of automation of the subconsciousness. We don’t think about anything, and the point is that we are not aware then. These are the moments when someone asks us why we are so pensive or when we catch ourselves pensive. We are not aware then. Our consciousness collects information that stores in the subconsciousness. It serves to expand, grow, learn, work on ourselves, i.e. to somehow implant something in our subconsciousness, which will later automate us.

The subconsciousness is all our patterns, programs, beliefs and everything that we have picked up with consciousness, experienced in one way and implanted in our memory. So, all the patterns and programs of living that we inherited from our parents, all the beliefs that we acquired are our subconsciousness that lives deep below our consciousness and only collects information. The subconscious mind does not know whether something is true or false, whether something is good or bad. It has no idea about anything. Anxiety, depression, bad emotions, negative thoughts are an indication that our mind is not working properly. We create new patterns and new ways of functioning. For example, when we decide to learn handstand, we need to consciously feel the ground, calculate the run, estimate the angle, our height… If we make a mistake, we fall. The moment we manage to stand on our hands for a certain time, we capture that moment with our reason, intellect and wisdom, memorize it and pull it into the subconsciousness. By practicing, we will add new information to the existing ones and this will result in success. This proves to us that we can greatly influence our subconscious through exercise.

The cause of anxiety and depression is a state of mind that is in a way childish and caught up in fears. In this way, we only continue to fear and sink deeper and deeper because we feed more and more of that negativity. That’s how I realized that my mind was an image that I dragged into the subconsciousness, and it was distorted because I was not conscious enough. I didn’t work enough on myself and develop wisdom. I was afraid of new experiences and because of that I stagnated. However, when I changed that, miracles began to happen. What is the use of our subconsciousness, if it is so negative? To survive. It contains all the functions we need to save ourselves. We have consciousness, subconsciousness and our being. Every moment, by clicking on a decision, we choose whether we will be aware, look from our being, feel, experience something or let it drive us unconsciously. That is the state of the present moment.

Who is stronger, consciousness or subconsciousness? The subconsciousness is unlimited, but we manage it because at any moment we can understand something or someone can open our eyes. It is the moment when you look at yourself from a different perspective. I can now, for example, watch myself write a text and experience how I do it. You personally choose what you will do, how you will feel, what you will change and what you will keep. We are always surrounded by both negative and positive things, and what we pay attention to will get stronger. We pay attention for two reasons: because we want to and because we are afraid. Therefore, we consciously choose the state of consciousness.

If we make a conscious effort to change something in ourselves, for example, if we have a feeling of fear and tell ourselves that we must think positively, then you are reacting out of effort. So we won’t do anything. In order to implant something in the subconsciousness, we have to study a lot and repeat it many times with a calm head, that is, work on ourselves when we feel good. We accept ourselves even though we may not like it, because that’s just who we are. In order to change our pattern, we must accept it. This applies to every aspect of life and you can apply it to anything that is bothering you, whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, start training, work on yourself… The more we know ourselves, the more aware we become. You should work on yourself all your life because the subconsciousness is like the universe. Astronauts find new planets every day and thus go deeper and deeper into space, and in the same way, we become more and more aware by getting to know ourselves.


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