Working on yourself doesn’t just mean reading a certain book or watching a video. First you have to find what you need to work on and then do everything related to it. Only after that we can say that we have worked on ourselves.

How do we know what to work on? When we were children, we were the least sure of ourselves, we depended on our parents. In order to get their love, we did everything they said. They mostly told us that we shouldn’t do something, scolded us and criticized us out of love. That criticism appears today, because we recorded it and stored it. It took many years for it to surface, when we reached the awareness and ability to look at it in the eye. Based on this, we can conclude that beliefs are hidden until the moment when we become capable of processing them.

The subconsciousness is so big, every segment of our life is recorded in it. It absorbed all our experiences, every word of ours and others, everything that should and should not have been. It is not interested in what was unimportant to us, but only what was very painful or beautiful to us. So, it is clear that a lot of things happened when we were children, but there are things that still happen today that we cannot digest, so we leave them for later, when we are more mature. Every person has unprocessed things and should work on that.

Reading this text, you are communicating with yourself right now. The effect will not be the same on someone else as it is on you. It has nothing to do with me, but with your way of understanding the text. You experience it in your own way in relation to your subconscious and beliefs. Therefore, someone will agree with what they read and someone will not agree. If you feel relief while reading, it means that your subconsciousness is intrigued and therefore you have entered into the text. In fact, you are communicating with yourself. Everything is a reflection of yourself, a mirror. Everything we are surrounded by gives an image to our subconscious. For example, the subconsciousness catches that I am arranging the apartment so that it shines. Based on this, he gets the image that I am meticulous, which means that there is no need for me to work on myself. On the other hand, if I go to a company, where everyone is joking and I just keep quiet, it gets the impression that I am shy, and I need to work on that. This is how our subconscious beliefs, patterns and habits are observed. This is what we need to work on.

During the day, we have 400,000 to 500,000 thoughts and we are aware of 3-4% of them. The unconscious part of the thought is constantly repeated, because otherwise we would live every day differently. A huge habit has formed in our subconsciousness that keeps us in a vicious circle, which we need to tear apart in order to see what pattern it has created and what it is doing to us.

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