Experiences in life lead us down certain paths and since of course we all make mistakes, we decide to give up some things because we are afraid. For example, you found a partner who is bothered by some of your qualities and you change, then your mother tells you not to do certain things anymore and you don’t do them anymore, then you keep silent about something you should have said to a colleague at work, etc. All this causes you to shorten yourself and become smaller, while everything around you that you do not know remains the same or even expands and progresses. You have become smaller, because you have limited yourself with fears from the need to be good to others. The moment you feel stuck, you are so stuck in the mud that there is no way out, from your perspective.

If this way of thinking led us to this, and then, with that same way of thinking we want to go out, that’s terrible. You can’t get out of a problem with the same mindset. When you say you can’t believe anything else, then there is no way to help you. We cannot unstuck ourselves with the same thinking we got stuck with. When you don’t want something that way anymore, but you still think and do the same thing, it’s called being stuck. You have to learn to look differently. There are a hundred ways you can try something different to change something. When you start to get out of a jam, you feel resistance because everything is familiar to you. You are afraid of the unknown, you don’t know what to expect.

If from a point of being stuck you wish you had more knowledge, you start researching. Today you can find everything. Start learning something, get informed, ask questions, look at it from a different angle. See what you need to do to get more knowledge, information, experience, different thinking. You can’t expect change if you don’t step out of your comfort zone and into the unknown. Forcefully change your way of thinking. How did you learn your first song when you were little? You’ve heard it many times and hum it to this day. You didn’t know it the first five times, but you learned it by repeating it. Be determined and just keep repeating, even when you fail and it doesn’t seem to make sense anymore. At some point, something will happen, you will realize that you look differently and that you have changed your way of thinking.

Fear told you should not do this and that, don’t go to work, don’t get on the bus… That’s how it cuts you off. The more you’ve shrunk, the more pressure you’ll be under, pure physics. In order to change that, you have to do the things you fear and have not done and do them not once but many times. Then you will learn and adopt it all as a new experience. If you are also aware, you will see that, for example, you are not so bad in society. You will think differently, even if it seems pointless. Your current knowledge will not allow you, but when you learn and experience something new, you will gain space, you will no longer suffocate, and you will feel good in your own skin. Believe me I experienced the transformation of myself because in this way.

What could ignorance be? Let’s say, I dance salsa, and I didn’t believe I could ever set foot there, I wasn’t the type to be interested in that. I asked myself why not to give it a try. So, I was in that armour of mine, that is, wrong knowledge and I thought I was the smartest. Then I learned salsa and grew bigger than my armour. Then I started taking English lessons and grew even bigger. That’s when I decided to face my biggest fear, to thank it for existing and tell it that I like what it does to me. This way I grew much bigger and expanded my space. Study, educate yourself, train, exercise, read, try new things, meet new people and you won’t be stuck anymore. Only then will you be able to see why you got stuck in the first place. You will see the obstacles standing in your way. Maybe it’s people, maybe work, love, family… Maybe something from the above cut you off and that’s why you’ve diminished.


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