I believe that it is difficult for everyone to decide on this step. You’ve tried everything, you’ve done your best to take responsibility for your own life, but you still feel bad. An antidepressant is a hormone that stimulates the secretion of serotonin, it is not a drug. When taking it, it is important to know that it will eliminate the effect, but not the cause. During the period of taking a medicine, you should decide to take it seriously and work on yourself. Antidepressants have a shelf life of 6 to 9 months, when they wear off and the body gets used to them. If you haven’t done anything on yourself until then, if you haven’t changed something, the symptoms slowly return, and you will need a stronger dose.

You should make a promise to yourself, when you start taking it, that you will start training, that you will solve life problems that bother you, work on your tolerances… Only in this way will you be able to overcome the cause. If you don’t do this, when coming off antidepressants, you will start to feel the same symptoms to the same reactions, people, unresolved problems in the family, at work, in love… Your emotional state will be weak, you will feel vulnerable again.

In addition to antidepressants, you must use some form of psychotherapy or coaching, whatever you choose.

Antidepressant itself is not that terrible. People who don’t have a thyroid gland take a lot of hormones for breakfast all their lives. This is something that you will be taking for six months and during that period you will deal with the consequence of your condition. Don’t be lazy, come to terms with the fact that you will take it, but promise yourself that during that time you will do your best to solve everything that is bothering you, i.e. the cause of your condition.

You will definitely get a lot of energy. In the first two weeks, there will be side effects, there will be some discomfort, but very soon the medicine will start working. After the fourth week you will function very well, your motives, ideas, goals and desires will return. You will get more fuel than you use. Then you can decide to do all the things you fear. Force yourself to it, because you have a short period to get rid of the problem. The cause is always there, dig it out. After you stop the sensations and overcome them, and you come off the hormones, you will not feel the same again because you have brought something new into your life. If you just drink it and do not move in the direction of overcoming your fear, after 9 months you will have the same symptoms and the doctor prescribes the medicine, you will take it for another 6 months. The doctor will increase your dose, you will be convinced that you are sick, etc. It will be increasingly difficult to live without medicine.

The post is based on a personal experience and is not a substitute for medical advice.


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