It is late at night and you are home alone. Thoughts, anxiety, sorrow, confusion, they are all kicking in and you want to run away, but where? You want to step away from everyone and everything and be alone. On the other hand, wherever you go, you will not be able to run away from your own thoughts and feelings and wherever you go, they will follow you.

Have you heard of The paper takes it all? Do you know that writing improves mental health and helps in establishing a psycological well being? Besides, it does not cost a thing and yet, it is one of the efficient ways regarding self-work.

What are the benefits of writing?

1 – reduces stress – writing has a releasing effect, because in that way, you are writing about your thoughts and feelings with a pen and paper and you are releasing them.

2 – helps you to get to know yourself better – by writing your thoughts and feelings in certain moments and situations, you can understand better what you love, what hurts you and what your reactions are towards your environment. As the time goes by, you can actually see who you were and who you are now.

3 – better perception – you often think that there is no way out of certain situations, but writing is there to help you realize that it is not that bad after all. It helps you to take a step back from the situation and look at it objectively.

4 – develops immagination and creativity – you have an opportunity to express yourself freely and no one will jugde you for it. In that way, you are releasing some new ideas that can help you overcome certain problems.

So grab a pan and paper and start releasing everything you have got inside of you. Write every night about what is bothering you and what would come in handy in certain situations. Get rid of stress, sorrow, anxiety and you will see a huge positive change soon


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