We can often get burned out from stress at work or at home. We are surrounded by it and we cannot avoid it, but we can work to greatly reduce it. Then we get body relaxation, its regeneration and recovery, which makes us better and happier. When we have given so much of ourselves, received too much information and tasks, it is a state when we can no longer relax, we convulse on our own. We call this state a state of stress. After seven days of following these five steps you will be as good as new.

  1. Feeling good – this is a priority without which we cannot start or make a decision on any step. You might say you can’t because you have to go to work or because you have a baby to look after. But think about it, who will go to work or babysit if you get sick? I often told a friend who envied me that I go to the seaside every year, that it was a matter of priority. Let’s say, I haven’t had a car for a long time, and he has one, and we shouldn’t compare at all. I put rest first. So your priority should be to feel good. Do not hesitate because then you will not succeed in your intention. If you want to take a rest, make it a priority and you will have a rest.
  2. Turn off the TV completely and the mobile phone in the first hour, two hours after waking up, because its information poisons you from early morning. Like it or not, you’ve received a ton of information and you’ve got into a burnout process. Commit to yourself, do something out of the ordinary every morning to get out of your daily routine.
  3. Don’t drive a car. Go everywhere on foot, if it’s cold, dress up. There’s no rush, that’s the point. Nothing will change in these seven days of practicing this.
  4. Exercising in the morning is very important because by releasing endorphins, we stop stress and cortisol, as well as the secretion of adrenaline. Let them be stretching exercises to the limit of pain for 5-7 minutes. After that, eat a healthy breakfast, rich in fiber (e.g. muesli with milk or yogurt, squeezed fruit, etc.) to get the body moving properly.
  5. Rituals that we perform identically every morning, but also in the evening, help you relax further . Making your bed for sleep, showering, brushing your teeth and anything else you do to relax. Don’t skip these little things.

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