When you are uncomfortable and you don’t want to have that feeling, you want more discomfort. The true desire for more discomfort is acceptance of what is right now, and the desire to outgrow that situation. Everyone likes to be nice and enjoy themselves, but an uneasy feeling tells you that something is happening inside you. It can be your thought, expectation, idea or anything else. That hard chain inside you doesn’t match what’s on the outside. Because of that rigid hold and inflexibility, we focus on the uncomfortable feeling. Then all kinds of symptoms, thoughts, beliefs appear… We instill even more negativity and turn ordinary thoughts into a disaster. If someone asked you how your day was, you would answer that it was hell, that fires were burning around you, everything was collapsing, etc.

You are spinning a story that I have been spinning myself. I thought I was sensitive and vulnerable, and then I saw that I did some things that no one else could do. I wasn’t vulnerable in those moments because I wanted to do it. What has changed for me now is that I don’t let the negative feeling get me. A light bulb immediately went on and I asked myself why I would let it go when I had worked so hard on myself. When I get a feeling of fear, I know it’s a lie and not real. Then I have nothing to discuss with it. If it’s not true, I love it. It goes away in less than a minute because I have invested a lot in myself and understand the anxiety.

Now come on for real, can a thought overcome you? Never! But you are afraid of that thought, the sensation. Let’s first bring the body to some strength, let’s move, exercise. We learn something about ourselves every day and we will start to value ourselves because we work on ourselves. We will value the time dedicated to us and we will defend it. The time we devote to ourselves means that we have loved ourselves. A person can only love those things to which he devoted time, in which he tried something and worked hard for something.

When you develop self-love, the worst thing that can happen to your negative thought is to start loving it. Then it disappears, evaporates. It has power when you don’t accept it. But don’t learn to accept with the aim of not feeling bad. You must accept now and immediately, just as it is. Okay, it’s a thought that creates negativity, feelings, beliefs, but you are not vulnerable. It’s a mind trick. Every fear is a lie because something has yet to happen, and it hasn’t happened yet. All anxious people function very well in the moment of real trouble. It’s the same when your attention is focused on something you’re doing, when you have focus. When you lose focus, you go on autopilot and become creative. You create masterpieces from your own negative thoughts, you draw a canvas with your fears. At any moment you can be free, leave anxiety behind and it never has to come back. But you question yourself, you convince yourself that you are vulnerable and that you feel bad. It is always the thought that something bad will happen or confusion due to some vague thought, fear, anxiety, worry.

When a thought occurs to you that creates a bad feeling, it is being shown to you as untrue. You recognize it with fear. If you recognized each of your fears, you would realize that they are all lies. Your body produces it and you have the ability to see what the lies are. You misinterpret them because you are creative. Use creativity to create a good feeling. You seek even more positive from the positive. Combine two incompatible positivities and start making such masterpieces.


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