Do you sometimes feel like nothing works for you? You keep bumping into the wall wherever you go. You are under impression that the whole world is against you and you feel depressed. You have self-pity moments, and you are slowly getting stuck in this world. The period of hell is coming when you blame everyone for everything happening to you or you keep thinking everybody is born under a lucky star. You are in a state when you are not able to have a normal conversation. When someone approaches to give a piece of advice or offer, you immediately get into a conflict and start arguing.  

If so, the only thing you can do is take a look at yourself, because you cannot scream forever: It is not my fault; it is the others, because it is not necessarily true. It all depends on you. Dig within; ask yourself a couple of questions, such as below:

1 – Is there a pattern in repeating certain situations?

2 – How do you feel during those moments? Why?

3 – Do you have a pattern of behaviour that contributes to the situation? What are the reasons for your reactions?

4 – What would you want?

5 – Are you afraid and what is the worst thing that can happen and if something bad happens, so what?

During our interactions in childhood we develop self-image and the image of our environment.  If the interactions are positive, we develop positive beliefs about ourselves and others. However, if the interactions are negative and traumatic, we develop negative beliefs. Negative beliefs are: we are not good enough, we will always get hurt, we blame ourselves for other people’s behaviour and the world is not a safe place.

These beliefs can be changed. If bad thoughts appear, remember they are only the interpretation of a certain situation. They can be true, but also untrue. You do not have to believe them if they appear. Try to take a more grounded look at the situation.

It is time for you to accept yourself the way you are. You are not perfect and you are learning. Let yourself go to the self-exploration. Do not be afraid of making a mistake, because you will make it today, but tomorrow that mistake will help you. Express yourself. Others cannot read your mind. Do not be scared. Stand up and fight for yourself. Be born under a lucky start, too.


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