Negative thoughts make us feel stuck, they make us anxious and scare us. They got stuck because we learn from our experience that has been bad. Can a person without any memory or experience in life think negatively? Let’s take a child as an example. It can think, but very superficially because it has no accumulated memory, that is, life experience. A child can stand in front of the bear and pet it. Fear is actually a set of bad experiences or bad interpretations to which we reacted.

We build ourselves based on the memory we have in our subconsciousness. If we are anxious for a long time, the image of ourselves will be very bad. We know how we used to be, and we only think about what we are like and what we look like. We are ashamed, we don’t have self-confidence, etc. We build an image of ourselves based on memory. Since fear is the basis of anxiety, we focus only on negative thoughts. Fear is below and love is above. When we are down, we focus on all the negatives and pluck them from our memory. Everyone in the world has a lot of negativities in them as well as a lot of positivity. When we are anxious and depressed, we focus only on the residue of our mind, that is, the residue of our memory (experience and knowledge). Something in us decides whether it is dangerous or not. We have the ability to choose whether we will observe from the angle of fear and see everything black, or from the angle of love and see the positive sides of the situation.

Anxiety destroys us and makes us miserable, humble, bad, feel guilty, fearful. From that lower point of view, we see only what is in the sediment of our memory. We can see every thought. If we think that we are selfish and it bothers us, since we don’t want that, it sticks to us and starts to bother us. We saw the thought and got identified with it, we were afraid of it. It has become an emotion and then we react badly. That’s how it works in anxiety, the thought itself is not the problem. Everyone has thoughts. The problem is the attention we give it out of fear.

The most important thing is to know that you are the one who gives attention to thoughts. You are the one who is afraid of thoughts and that is why they are there. The solution is to let them go. You are the endless firmament, and thoughts are the clouds. A white, dark, cloud with lightning (anger) passes by, and you just watch them. Some you hate and some you love. When the thought comes to us, “What if I go crazy?”, if we are on the lower vibration, we will be afraid, we will google, create a scenario and chaos in our head, all our emotions will be stirred up… If we think from the upper vibration, we will not pay attention and we will not stress about it. We decide for ourselves whether we will go down or up. Sometimes we fall unconsciously, which is okay. We will notice it and we will rise up ourselves.

You are not your fear, you are not your thoughts. Get out of that state by becoming aware that you are observing it all. There is only one innate fear – fear of failing. All other fears are developed based on your memory and experience. Hold onto only the good things you’ve experienced and make them a priority.

It is suggested that you watch the seminar which will clarify much more how consciousness and subconsciousness work in a very interesting way.


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