There is a purely obsessive disorder where only thoughts attack us, and there is also an obsessive-compulsive disorder where we have to calm down the thought with some action. There are a million combinations, step on the blocks on the street or chew gum so that something bad doesn’t happen to you. Someone washes their hands, someone turns the stove on and off ten times, etc.

Obsessions are bad and dark thoughts that you cannot push away from you. They are burdensome and cannot be relieved by compulsion. Obsessions ruined me. The core of that black thought is that what’s in your mind is not you and you don’t want it to be. There is an agitation of your being and personality, you rebel against that thought. You are not what you hear and feel through that thought. That’s why you protest, you feel bad and it’s a terrible feeling. It can go on and on. Obsessive thought arises as a result of not solving real problems. It often occurs when irresponsibility, laziness and guilt combine.

If you are unconsciously running away from responsibility for your own life or reality, this is a way for this thought to manifest itself. They always hit where it matters most to you. What you respect most and the problem you have are connected. For example, you have a mother whom you respect the most, your thought will be to harm your mother. Or if you love children the most, and you have a bad sexual relationship with your partner, you may think that you are a paedophile. Also, thoughts of being gay or straight, may occur. There is a solution. Fear, as you know, is an illusion. You have a lot of texts about it on Google. Just because you’re fighting it, it’s not you. You are not your thought and you cannot become it. People react from emotion, not from thought, but thoughts create emotion.

You can’t suddenly turn obsessive thoughts into positive ones, it’s not that simple. Imagine that thought is a moving train, it cannot suddenly go backwards. First, it must stop and gradually move to the other side. This means that you must first quiet your mind by meditating, washing the dishes, vacuuming or whatever distracts you. Eat hot pepper or something sour, just shock yourself and break the moment of negativity. Then slowly start doing what you love, read something nice, invite friends, draw or write something. If you force yourself to suddenly start thinking positively, you will have a panic attack. I have a friend who is religious and at church he has catastrophic obsessive thoughts about sex. He is very afraid of it, but he likes to go to church. I also know a man who is afraid of Novak Djokovic. He probably got upset while watching the tournament, so his subconsciousness got associated it with Djokovic’s character and developed a phobia of him. Do not be afraid of these thoughts because they are not dangerous.


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