Online mentoring is a combination of cbt, NLP, and deep coaching.

Online mentoring is the most effective way to restore your mind (self-confidence, security, determination and perseverance) to a level where anxiety, guilt and depression have no place. You will agree that it is a very special feeling when you have a person by your side who you can always ask everything you need to gain experience with this disgusting habit called Anxiety. It feels even better when you know that you are being guided by someone who had the same problem for many years and solved it with understanding and tactics once and for all.

Yes, I know that road!

Online mentoring is designed to guide you in the process of change gradually and is adapted to you as an individual. Mentoring strongly encourages individual initiative because, in addition to individual work, you are also included in a common group of your comrades. Also, in the mentoring group, in addition to individual work with me, you also get tasks that you need to complete and learn. In this way, mentoring also becomes life training. A training about how to properly set your own behaviour in a state that will no longer cause bad emotions. At the end of the 12 weeks, all those who pass the modules and training are transferred to a permanent group, a group called LA-FAMILIA that will be an eternal community of inspiration and support.


At the beginning of the training itself, which lasts 12 weeks, personalization is done for you. Your personality, energy, readiness, will, aspects of life, past, state of health, symptoms, sensations, fears, weight, physical activity, sleep, diet are evaluated, and then the online mentoring plan is very subtly adapted to you based on this testing. Based on the testing, openness to acceptance, flexibility of attitudes and contribution from mentoring can also be seen. Some pass, some don’t (this does not mean that the person is bad, just that it is not the time for training). After the personalization of the program comes the work, which is followed by sessions, homework and weekly analysis that you receive every week. The work itself from the 12th week is individual 1 on 1 and at the same time there is a Group work. A group where everyone is ready to defeat themselves. In the group, everyone loves each other, and we literally become like one family.


Introductory online session (interview, testing and assessment to adapt to training). Online seminar as a start that will help us find causes and tolerances. 6 Online session lasting 90 minutes. (every other week). 10 Audio Listening Guides to accompany the 12 week work. 18 Life Analysis (homework material on which you submit a weekly report). strong> Daily and weekly homework (tests, compositions, various tasks and responsibilities). 5 learning modules (Module 1 – communication, Module 2 – goals and decisions, Module 3 – male- female relations, Module 4 – money and finances and Module 5 – schemes and programs). Reducing diet and adjusting lifestyle habits (gradual removal of everything that aggravates anxiety, i.e. introduction of everything that eliminates it). > One-week support video in the group that only you can see (I follow your ups and downs and together we go towards the goal). Viber support whenever you need an additional question or information 24/7. Mindset body activities. These are home workouts in front of the mirror that are based on the body mind exercise system, i.e. training using your own body weight and mental attention focused on the mirror for 10-15 minutes. during the day. The exercises are easy and develop discipline and self-confidence. In addition to this, there are many more interesting and educational games that we play in a group that very quickly becomes a community.

After 12 weeks you get a certificate and gift material for eternal work on yourself. (Gift package includes Text sessions for personal growth, RD manual, Text sessions for business growth, 20 audio manuals and meditation, Seminar – the root of your anxiety, Agoraphobia system and 60 other useful pdf books)

All this will give you additional motivation to try even harder to make yourself and me proud as well as brag about your success and result in the Viber group that you will be included in from day one. The only thing expected from you is your effort, readiness, consistency and honesty (if you think, oh well, that’s exactly my problem, don’t worry, a strong desire will also be sufficient).

It is clear to you that this mode of operation is on a much higher level than working with any method you have tried so far and will save you many years of anxious life.

Anxiety online mentoring takes place 3 times a year. SEPTEMBER, DECEMBER AND MARCH and lasts for 12 weeks. The number of places is LIMITED due to the quality of the work.