There are those stimulants that irritate our nervous system and those that strengthen it. It is important to learn which ones work so that we can fight them in anxiety. Some of the stimulants are cigarettes, coffee and alcohol. Those that calm our nervous system are various vitamins and water.

Cigarettes are a tricky stimulant. When we smoke a cigarette, the hormone of happiness is secreted and at the moment of smoking it suddenly jumps. Five minutes after the cigarette, its level starts to decrease. The problem is not so much that the cigarettes are harmful, but the problem is that drop that we do not notice. While the level of nicotine in the blood decreases, our body begins to experience stress and that is the trigger. With such a trigger, you can very easily experience anxiety or panic attack, suffocation, arrhythmia, insomnia or inability to get up in the morning, headaches and a feeling of braking in the neck. When we quit smoking, the body experiences a shock and has to go through a withdrawal phase. When we deal with it, the level gradually returns to normal, where it remains. As non-smokers, we no longer experience stimulants so aggressively. No more sudden ups and downs on a daily basis. Life becomes more relaxed.

I don’t have much experience with alcohol, except that I used to drink sometimes. My limit is three beers and I’m not going any further because I know what awaits me. People who consume alcohol every day, the same thing like with cigarettes occurs. It just asks to be topped up, and when the alcohol is running low, you are very upset. I can get drunk, but the next day I feel a drop of alcohol in my blood, and I don’t feel well, and I can’t take medicine, it’s a real hell. I’m buzzing, tingling, shaking, my head is spinning, I’m tense and I don’t know where I’m going or what I’m going to do.

Caffeine is a very serious poison in anxiety, especially Nescafé or short coffee. As soon as we drink the coffee, the alarm goes off in our stomach and alert is turned on. Anxious people don’t need it, because we are awake without coffee. I used to drink three coffees a day, strong Turkish coffee. I gave up coffee at the same time as cigarettes because one didn’t make sense to me without the other and I noticed that my heart and breathing calmed down. The only bad thing is that my bowels have become lazy since I don’t drink coffee, but there are various muesli for that.

When you use stimulants, you are three times more likely to develop and sustain anxiety. By leaving stimulants, you have a three times greater chance of eliminating symptoms and anxiety. When you remove all those things that threaten you, you will find that you feel relaxed, energetic, without headaches and insomnia. Of course, there is an abstinence period that is very difficult. When I gave up coffee and cigarettes, I couldn’t sleep for days, and my head would explode because I had too much oxygen in my blood. I sweated like a drug addict at night. Get ready for discomfort, but when it is all over, you will become a different and stronger person.

The antidote to stimulants is water and a complex of vitamins and minerals. Our body is made of 80% water and when we are dehydrated the compounds in the brain do not transmit information well. It creates blocked thoughts, fears, doubts, anxiety, agitation. Any stress in the body creates anxiety. I didn’t drink water at all, but teas, coffee and juices. Now I don’t allow myself not to drink at least two to two and a half glasses of pure water a day. By drinking water, you clean your body and do not allow it to experience stress. You enable kidneys to work better, clean the bladder, urinary channels and your entire body. You become responsible for yourself, you develop self-love, which is one way of working on yourself. Water is an excellent antioxidant that cleans the body of all toxic substances, it brings in the oxygen that is necessary for the cells. It should be drunk at room temperature, never from the refrigerator, because cold water sticks fat to our intestines and stomach. It is preferable that the first glass of the morning be lukewarm to clean the digestive system.

We eat everything and anything. It is important in anxiety and can be a bothersome trigger. You need to eat healthy and what I use are multivitamins as nutritional supplements. Bringing them in pleases me both mentally and physically. I take one every day, sometimes I take a break and then change, for example, sometimes only vitamin C, sometimes a complex of vitamins, sometimes only minerals, etc. Vitamin B is great for the nervous system. By working on ourselves as a whole, we contribute to a healthy body, and when it is good, the mind cannot be absent. Do not poison and destroy yourself. Healthy body healthy mind.


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