Although it seems impossible at first, you can find good things in anxiety. Anxiety was experienced by great minds who achieved great achievements and results thanks to this condition. These are the following features:

Anxious people tend to create crystal clear memories because of the fear they feel. The brain of these people remembers both good and bad moments very well. An anxious person accesses memories much better than a non-anxious person.

You cannot die. When I cross the street, I think in advance how the car hit me and I already know how I’m going to throw myself and on which side. That’s why I go through red lights without any problems, I’m always ready to jump, do somersaults or whatever. You cannot die because you are very careful.

In crisis situations, when it is a matter of life and death, you know how to function. This is your everyday life and you will react perfectly. Later you will be hit by anxiety, but at that particular moment you react in the best way in the world. No person can do that except the anxious one because they are ready to accept the resulting chaos.

Hypervigilance keeps you always ready, responsible and the way you should be in a given situation.

It will be harder for you to be deceived, you will be better at listening to people and interpreting them. You will go through life with safe steps, even if they are small, but you know that the ground you are walking on is safe.

Anxious people are very creative. They will tear open a ballpoint pen just to see what’s inside. They will think about what would happen to their intestines if they swallowed a feather. But, maybe that feather can be used to make, say, dentures! Creativity is expressed due to going deeper and seeing things from the second, third or seventh angle.

When I got into a situation where my existence was hanging in the balance, that was when I was the least anxious. So when the real problem occurred, I responded better than any of my friends.

An anxious person looks for a solution by going deep into every moment. Fear does not let you hang, it is your support. In such situations, I quickly reacted in the right way and realized that I should not be afraid of them. Many of my friends admire me and wonder how I manage, they can’t believe that someone can do all that. Of course, they don’t know that I have fear as a support, from which I push away and bounce like a slingshot.

The next characteristic of yours is that you are very responsible, you respect agreements and people. Of course, there is another extreme, in which you must not do something or go somewhere out of fear.

Self-criticism is so strong that it burns your brain and slaps you. You are never good enough, it has to be stronger and more. You just drink more and more and more, so people wonder how you succeed in all this and where you get your motivation and meaning in life.

You are not satisfied with small things, you want more and better. Psychologists say it’s instability, but let’s not lie. They also say that you don’t have empathy, but you are actually very sensitive and that is why you are affected by anxiety. It makes you better and makes you come to the place where you belong. It pushes you from the state you are into the state you want.

Intuition is almost 99% accurate and is much stronger and more pronounced than others because of the hypersensitive system you possess. Therefore, you feel what is real in your environment. Intuition tells you what to do, where to go, how to think, etc.

Reliability depends on your current condition. If you are not anxious, people can trust you, you can keep a secret very well. During the period when you are anxious, emotions are running high and you are not reliable, you will not come when agreed or you will not answer the phone.

Your memory works great, because fear tells you not to forget something.

Anxiety sometimes gets you killed, but generally it’s the only thing that will get you to the point where you’ll admit to yourself that this is exactly what you wanted to be and that you’re much stronger now. It takes you exactly where your soul wants to go, listen to what it wants to tell you and which way it wants you to go. Listen to what it tells you. Ignore the moments when fear overwhelms you.

Because of your hypersensitivity, you feel fear more strongly than others, and it’s getting stronger. It’s a wonderful thing


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