A sign that you are on the right path is the feeling that it is getting harder for you, when you work more on yourself. Your thoughts started to rebel against you, the ego does not give in because it has been exposed. Just keep moving forward. I fell hard a few times. It happens to everyone because the mind resists and cannot bear it because the person has attached himself to his condition. A person subconsciously thinks that if he started working on himself, he will disappear, however, working on himself is a way out of hiding. For a period after that it will be fine, like when we wiggle a tooth and at some point it falls out.

The time of resisting the mind can last from one day to three months, depending on the pace of work on oneself. One never succeeds in extricating oneself, but the point is to press oneself to such an extent that we cannot bear ourselves any longer. That pressure is pain that changes us and makes us better. We can no longer bear to remain the same.

Anxiety, in my opinion, is a kind of gift that I have been given. What was it for me? To protect myself in moments when I didn’t receive protection from anyone, and I was thankful for that. It served me not to see the events that I should have seen and not to hear what I should have heard. It served to get me out of life situations that caused me pain. I didn’t want to look outside and it turned me inside, ie. to myself. I listened and followed myself, I failed to look at the problem I had in my life because it was pulling me to turn to myself. That’s fine when you’re a child and you’re not yet mature, but when you get to a certain age, you don’t need anxiety at all. Then you can already solve your own problems, and it opposes and doesn’t want to disappear because it thinks it still needs to be there to help you. That fracture within us does not allow us to be without it because our ego is afraid of how we will protect ourselves.

There is a trap because when we start working on ourselves, anxiety starts to run wild, it doesn’t allow us to work on ourselves. It wants to stay there to protect us, but since we’re mature and there’s no need for it anymore, it’s time for it to go. For that to happen, we have to work on ourselves. Then it will oppose, it will throw us to the bottom like never before. It will come back ten times stronger, and that’s a sign that we hit the right path.

It is important to know that at the beginning of overcoming anxiety there are great pitfalls until the old neuropathways are overcome. It’s that disharmony in us, you feel that you’re getting worse and that you’ve failed. Keep fighting, it’s a good sign if your symptoms get worse. Just never stop. Work, assert yourself, train, move and you will get out of anxiety.


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