What is your attitude towards panic? You can be the master and your mind can be the servant. On the other hand, you can also beg your mind to allow you to enjoy your day. Everything depends on those two attitudes in panic and how you treat life in general. Are you a servant or is your mind a servant? Are you the master or is your mind the master? What is right is that you are the master, and your mind is your faithful servant. Many times, we have the opportunity to see the mind working for us and how it actually functions. We can see that it is on our side. That is the only correct relationship.

It listens to me and it does what I say. What would happen if it’s the other way around? Sometimes we get into a situation where we get so upset and scared of our own mind that we experience a panic attack, an attack of shame… That burning feeling of adrenaline washes over us. We can’t manage in a certain situation, we feel very uncomfortable, we burn inside, everything and anything passes through us, we would run away, but we don’t know where… It is important that at that moment you should allow the full expression of that feeling, you cannot stop yourself, you must not withhold it. You feel panic and if you are afraid and say this: “Please, don’t do it now”, you put yourself in the position of a victim and then it gets intensified. If we have a panic attack that pisses us off, and we say, “Come on, feel free to hit even harder”, in what position are we then? We automatically throw ourselves into the position of a master. If you manage to do this, that very same moment you will stop the panic attack and you are the one who is leading yourself and not being led by your mind.

You won’t believe it. You stop the panic by putting yourself in the role of master. By telling it to hit you, you are actually giving orders. At that moment it loses power. Try it and write to me. You just have to genuinely ask to get hit harder. Furthermore, you should accept thoughts as they are, they come and go, you are a meadow over which the clouds pass. A rainy cloud comes, then a white cloud, then a black one, then there is a rainbow, then it is raining again… Those are the thoughts and we get attached to them. Then they are empowered as if we gave them strength and power. We turned them on to grow. When we give them attention, they grow and become stronger, instead of letting that thought, or whatever it might be, pass by in that meadow. It’s perfectly okay to let thoughts, fear, panic overwhelm you. It should take hold of you and then you should say: “Okay, now you take me over, and I’ll watch it calmly.” It is very important to remain the master of your mind. At that moment we allow, and we command that feeling that I don’t like and I want to run away from, to overwhelm us. So again, I am the one who is returning the blow, I am the master. It goes away immediately, it’s a medicine!

I had a lot of panic attacks and you can see it on my channel. If it was to hit me now, I would easily get rid of it. Surrender to it, it has no power. It disappears and instantly vanishes, if you are the master. You should stay above your thoughts, your mind, above yourself. Stay up there, in a position where you rule your own mind. Don’t let it play with you. In states of despair, never try to seek deliverance, because then you are in the position of a victim. You are not a victim! You must not be a victim of your own mind! Don’t ask to escape but ask to hit you harder! Let it hit you and watch. It’s a medicine. In all the shock and despair, you will feel when you don’t seek for an escape, do you know what you should seek? One small point of happiness, because right there is all your strength. If you succeed in this, then you have taken complete control and you have defeated the panic attack forever. It no longer exists, that is the end. It is your slave. That point will encourage you to be even stronger, to flare up and demand to get hit harder. It is the control over the panic attack that makes it disappear immediately.

Always try to change the projection of that experience in those moments, because that is the point. It is the way it is because you have a vision. At that very moment, find happiness in that chaos. When you ask for more, feel it as your strength. When you get there, you’ve won. You are done with panic attack for good. If by any chance you’ve come to the end, if it’s not a panic attack, then what? I know, I died five hundred thousand times before I figured out how it works. I am not and will never be a victim. You’re not going to submit to the last attack if it’s really the end, are you? You’re not going to die like a cunt, are you? Don’t let your own mind conquer you! You are the one who grabbed it, you are the master! You seek for more and find courage in it! This pulled me completely out of my panic state, and I got rid of it forever this way. Good luck!


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